Computer Business Services, Inc. (CBS) has a 30-year track record of providing successful data processing services to governmental agencies and business communities. For states needing to implement state-sanctioned Do-Not-Call (DNC) legislation, CBS provides an effective, reliable, turnkey solution.

Since 1998, CBS has managed the implementation of Georgia's DNC legislation. CBS has also been awarded contracts for the DNC operations for Oregon (1999) and New York (2000). CBS's extensive experience in DNC implementation means a state can depend on us to deliver a complete solution. In fact, CBS has the most services and most experience in states with DNC offerings.

CBS ensures accuracy, efficiency and prompt handling of our clients' DNC transactions. Our menu of comprehensive services includes:

  • Processing resident applications in any preferred format, using the telephone, mail, fax or Internet within five business days of receipt.
  • Maintaining a dedicated customer service center for residential subscribers and a dedicated technical support center for telemarketers.
  • Providing timely confirmation and renewal notices to residential subscribers as required by the state.
  • Distributing an up-to-date database to telemarketers in the format and frequency required by the state via the Internet, CD-ROM or hard copy.
  • Handling all financial transactions, including processing all checks and credit card charges in compliance with the state's requirements.
  • Updating the residential subscriber database quarterly to reflect changes and deletions.
  • Providing monthly reports to the state with verification techniques for database accuracy.
  • Supporting enforcement of DNC legislation.
  • Assisting in the drafting of DNC legislative documents and in the development of rules and regulations.
For all DNC processing needs, CBS is the experienced, dependable leader with a proven record of success.
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