CBS announces the availability of an election management package for the Primary and General Elections. Our services provide each candidate the ability to manage their election effort, control budget, and enhance their chance of success. CBS has over 30 years experience assisting candidates with their campaigns. Some of the services we provide include the following:

List Procurement - Current electronic copy of voter data from the Secretary of State

Voter Data Mining - House Holding, Voter History, Street Listing, Walk List, Mailing Labels, District/Precinct Analysis - Race, Sex, Age

Mailing Services - Carrier Route Sorted Addresses allow significant postage savings

Printing Services - Yard Signs, Campaign Brochures, Mailers

Election Management Software (EMS) - Windows PC system allows campaign staff in house access to voter data and printing.

Managing your campaign with our services helps create a systematic process that maximizes your chance of success. Enable your campaign staff to engage in vote solicitation and not spend all their time and effort bogged down in clerical work. Our basic system is only $500 and includes, electronic list procurement(1 county), house holding, and Election Management Software for your office. Start your successful campaign off right by calling Bill Bennett at 229-924-4408 or completing the attached information sheet and emailing to